Reflection day….

GPWow, now that’s what you call a hangover….at least when I do something, its at full speed. Woke up face down on my bed still in all my clothes from the night(read early morning)before! Wasn’t exactly how I planned the evening, but hey, it is what it is. Punishment for the day is sitting listening to the GP, at least the F1 cars this year are quieter than they used to be(there are worse ways to get punished) – ended up having to have 2 double shot coffees during the race just to get through, couple the caffeine kick with a hangover and flashbacks of the night before( I hope I was awesome on the dance floor) and you have a somewhat disastrous recipe for a very average day.

1. Meditation:

What’s meditation? I was still legally drunk when I woke up. Kicked the meditation to an evening session instead. Was so shattered when I got home after a long ass day that I passed out when I started to try and meditate…I repeat myself -alcohol has no place in this challenge, maybe in moderation, but not the way I did it…idiot

2. 3 Things I am grateful for:

a. Sunglasses – some one told me it was overcast on Sunday, I did not notice….to me it was very very bright.
b. The awesome coffee culture in Melbourne – Wouldn’t have seen the GP without ya!
c. FaceTime and WhatsApp – Spoke to my mom and chatted to some friends…how easy!?

3. Journal about something good that happened:

For the 4 days of the races I sat next to a guy and his 9yr old son. This youngster was amazing, he knows everything there is to know about F1, and I am not exaggerating either – EVERYTHING!! It was such a cool thing to watch him turning around and correcting people with stats and facts(I thought he may be getting one or two things wrong, so I confirmed with Google…he was right every time!) He has such a passion for the sport, and gives it his full attention. Passion is such a key ingredient to life! And this kids was oozing passion. If we all had 10% of what this kid had, we would be very different….definitely taking some lessons from a nine yr old today, thanks buddy!

4. Random act of kindness

Struggled with this one today…you have to be so alert to this one to stay on top of it! Other than giving a few compliments out today, I couldn’t find anything “physical” to do for someone. Kicking myself on this one – didn’t think it was gonna be this hard.

5. Exercise:

Walked for miles today – so many people everywhere that it was easier to walk than take a tram. My body was hating me for making it walk so far after the previous night….Time to get into a proper gym routine.

A day I would rather forget about for now, simply put I struggled and wasn’t happy with myself for various reasons – but at least the positive I take out of it is that learnt more about myself today, often we forget to take lessons out of anything…today was not one of those days…

Lets hope there are no Monday Blues tomorrow..



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