Thinking on a Monday….

fairySaw a quote today, and it made me think. “Happiness comes when we stop complaining about the troubles we have, and offer thanks to all the troubles we don’t have” Can’t really add much more to that, can you?

As far as Mondays go, it was a pretty good one I guess, can’t complain about too much – which given the above statement means it was a happy day…wooo hooo. If it wasn’t bad, then it was good! remember, glass always half full…that is after all the aim of this challenge is it not? The work element was the drag…getting back into it after a long weekend…having race track withdrawals…and realizing there are still 5 whole days to go until Friday!! I lie, it was not complete race track withdrawals, that remains tomorrows problem. What do we do after a Grand Prix, well you go GoKart racing with your mates, don’t you?? And not just a potter around the track either,a full on 80 endurance karting session….The smile on my face cannot be wiped easily!! I digress, thinking again about the above statement – it talks directly to the part of the challenge in being grateful for what you do have, this just makes you think further and takes into account the troubles you don’t have. So big step, instead of complaining about going to work, I am grateful that I have work to go to! Instead of bitching about the traffic, I am grateful that I have a car to sit in the traffic with!

1. Meditation:

This is so much easier without booze!! What was I thinking?? Its amazing to think that you can actually switch this brain off – or rather turn the 7 voices inside my head down to a lower volume and relax. This shit works, and I am getting better at it everyday! Boom, success!!

2. 3 Things that I am grateful for:

a. Easy pack Veggies – loving these on the diet! Yes, Trav is actually eating his greens
b. An awesome education – it really has given me the tools to bullshit better
c. The emotion of sadness – I know this probably sounds controversial within the challenge, but without having experienced it, you wont know how awesome happiness is!

3. Journal about something good that happened:

I really had a great evening among friends – it is so good to break up your traditional weekly routine and get out there doing things that you normally wouldn’t or haven’t for a long time. You get lots out of it. Firstly, and foremost, you get to spend great quality time with good friends. Secondly, changing it up – change is the spice of life they say….and I like to try and live by that. And third, it gets you away from the TV, and that bullshit reporting on everything negative in the world, when really the balance lays squarely in the favour of positivity!

4. Random act of Kindness:

Today I gave a person a lift home, she looked like she needed it – I asked and she said yes. Why Not, end of story.

5. Exercise:

Did a nice workout this morning, really getting into it again! This is what makes me happy in the morning, just have to stop procrastinating and do it every morning, after all I am awake, why not just get up and do it – laziness is the answer, and that latest Lee Child novel is too good to put down at the moment. Must snap out of it!

All in all today was, by new definition, a good day – and that’s what this about



2 responses to “Thinking on a Monday….

  1. I am actually looking forward to your posts everyday mate…keep them coming! Today’s post was very relevant, captured my thoughts and well, made me smile and laugh out loud (in the office!)..well done. Keep it going buddy 🙂


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